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About us

Questville Science and Technical Schools is a school borne out of shear passion to raise a breed of future leaders and innovators skilled and talented in their chosen fields of endeavours through quality up-to-date/21st century standard teaching that ensures that the pupils, students and wards remain relevant in today’s ever changing (dynamic) world environment. The school has several arms namely: Crèche, Pre-School, Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Vocational/Business School. Like the famous old proverb says “Point your kids in the right direction – when they are old they won’t be lost. At Questville Science and Technical Schools We catch item young. We begin our grooming, right from the early childhood stages by providing a conducive well-equipped and furnished learning environment for crèche and pre-schoolers. Kids are able to learn even while playing and catching fun. The kids are also engaged with lots of educational audio-visual materials.

The grooming of our little champs continues with the primary education at this stage, we already began observing and noting the interests, specialty and uniqueness of each of our pupils and at once we begin preparing them to be useful to themselves and their community. The pupils’ interests include hand crafts, sports, music, dance and other forms of talent. ICT training is not left out as the kids are made aware of its importance in today’s generation as well as practically taught how it is to be used for one’s benefits and that of the society.

Lots of practical orientation excursions and field trips, are employed both at primary and secondary level education to drive home the various learning outcomes of the School’s educational Curriculum. We see to it that students gain and acquire first-hand practical knowledge of lessons taught by ensuring regular fixed schedules for such learning activities as well as engaging them in/with extracurricular vocational seminars and workshops in which professionals in those chosen fields are invited to facilitate the trainings.

Our Goal

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Like our motto has it “. A skilled hand and a cultivated mind, we not only develop talents in our young ones, we also brew their minds to be courageous, bold, confident, self-reliant and poised to succeed at life and make a difference. We instil good and proper moral discipline into the hearts of our children through the efforts of well-qualified, seasoned teachers with godly character who serve as good examples and role models to our wards.

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